Anthurium Plant

A medium size indoor plant that is very easy to care for. It has a  waxy flowers that blooms all year. It comes in a nice ceramic container.

Approximately 50cm tall


Phalaenopsis Orchid

Stunning plants! 

Has a great modern feel and is a great addition to anyone's home.

Stands approx 60cm tall


Seasonal Green House Plant

At Twisted Willow we have a large variety of green house plants - from peace lillies to callissa to calatheass to name a few, these are all a nice addition to any home and require very little care. All presented in ceramic containers.

Approximately 50cm tall. Pot size 15cm.



Seasonal Plant in Bag

Plant seasons are forever changing, so let us choose a beautiful plant that is at it's peak right now. 
Could include a sunflower, dahlia or whats in season.


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