Donovan's Hokey Pokey Clusters

150g of NZ Made yumminess! 


Donovan's Rocky Road Clusters

60% Dark Chocolate with crunchy peanuts, marshmallows and strawberry bits! A Kiwi favourite!

150g Net


Mixed Gourmet Chocolates Box 4

4 delicious gourmet chocolates in exciting flavours! (Vary per pack). 
Made in New Zealand


Mixed Gourmet Chocolates Box 6

6 delicious gourmet chocolates with exciting fillings! (Vary per pack)

Made in New Zealand


Thank You Chocolate Caramels

Individual Chewy caramels that say 'THANK U' 


Truffle Selection Box 8

8 yummy gourmet truffles with various exciting centres. Flavours can include liquors, fruits and other natural flavours, then covered in dark, milk, or white chocolate.

Made in New Zealand


Donovan's Chocolate Fudge (Out of stock)

Yummy!! Delicious chocolate fudge made from real cocoa! Perfect addition to any flowers.

200g net


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